I only have so much room in my kitchen for ingredients. If I did more flavors we would have to build an addition onto the house and my parents won't pay for that yet. And this lets me concentrate on getting those four flavors perfectly yummy.

We use boxes that fit four cupcakes each. These cupcakes are either all one flavor or one of each flavor offered. I love putting the cupcakes in the boxes and seeing them all stack up.

When you order, you are given the chance to pick a pickup day. If you would like to have them delivered instead, I can do that too for an extra fee. This helps me pay my parents back for gas and their time taking me around town. Just select one of the available delivery slots.

Right now, none of our are gluten or dairy free. I have many nut free flavors. I have experimented with gluten and dairy free recipes but have not found any yummy enough to use. I will keep trying and I will let everyone know when one is ready. All cupcakes are currently made with the same equipment.

I wish I could share but then I wouldn't have a cupcake business anymore! However, I do encourage anyone who loves to bake to try as many recipes as they can. I can give out tips though if you ask nicely!

Yes, if a flavor is very popular, it definitely makes it back into the rotation. If there's a flavor you want to see again, let me know!

Let's be honest, I'm only ten. My parents are my biggest fans and my biggest helpers. But, I make every single cupcake myself. They might help hold a blowtorch or double check my measurements, but every I can do, I do.

I haven't decided yet. I love baking but I love of other things too. Part of what this bakery is doing is helping me to make that decision.

Go to the contact page and let me know! I'm always looking for my next yummy flavors.

cupcake with purple frosting and candy heart decoration